3. Tokyo International Choir Competition 2021

In October 2021, the Junges Consortium Berlin took part in the third international choir competition in Tokyo. By submitting several video recordings, the choir achieved a gold medal and the category win in the category O – “Online Videos”. In addition, the choir and its director were awarded the special prize for the best interpretation of a romantic work.


16. Internationaler Kammerchor-Wettbewerb Marktoberdorf 2019

The Junges Consortium Berlin was the only German choir to be invited to the world-renowned 16th International Chamber Choir Competition in Marktoberdorf 2019. In contest against an international competition the choir was awarded the Achievement Level 2 – very good performance at an international level and thus successfully positioned itself in the international choir scene.


Istramusica International Choir Festival & Competition

In September 2018 the Junges Consortium Berlin took part in the Istramusica International Choir Festival & Competition in Porec, Croatia with great success. In the categories Sacred Choral Music a cappella and Youth Choirs of mixed voices the choir was awarded two gold diplomas, in the latter category the choir also won the category victory.


Sing Berlin! Internation Choir Festival & Competition

In July 2018 the Junges Consortium Berlin took part in the Sing Berlin! International Choir Festival & Competition. In the categories Musica Sacra and Mixed Choirs the choir was awarded two gold diplomas and prevailed against international competition.


Landes-Chorwettbewerb: Berliner Chortreff 2017

At the “Berliner Chortreff 2017”, the Junges Consortium Berlin achieved a rating of 22.4 points in the A1 category: mixed chamber choirs, 16-36 participants with the rating “very good” and the option of being forwarded to the “Deutscher Chorwettbewerb 2018” national choir competition.


Tampere Vocal Music Festival: Tampereen Sävel 2017

In June 2017, the Junge Consortium Berlin took part in the Tampere Vocal Music Festival “Tampereen Sävel” in Tampere, Finland. The choir won two gold medals and reached the highest place out of more than 50 international choirs and was depicted on the festival’s programme booklet.


Grand Prix of Nations Berlin 2017

In the Grand Prix of Nations Berlin 2017, the Junges Consortium Berlin was awarded two Gold Diplomas in the Open Competition and one Gold Medal in the Grand Prix.


Klaus Büstrin in the Märkischen Allgemeinen of September 2020

…. The Junges Consortium’s voicing was straightforward and stringent. The blend of the voice registers is always coordinated, so that the result is a dense and plastic overall sound. … Vinzenz Weissenburger used the tonal possibilities of the formation wisely and with a sure sense of affect. Above all, the great intonation deserves mention, which seemed stable and natural even in the most intricate arrangement. …

Carsten Albrecht in the Chorspiegel of March 2017

… With outstanding choral homogeneity, excellent intonation, the use of its great dynamic abilities and wide tonal range, the choir was convincing from the first to the last moment of its performance. …

Nils Jensen in the Chorspiegel of February 2020

… the Junges Consortium Berlin under the direction of Vinzenz Weissenburger [proved] its high quality, especially with the premiere of “Forrest”. With the work of the US-American composer Robert Cohen the intended symbiosis of ensemble, conductor and concert hall was achieved. In addition to great homogeneity and musical perfection, the Junges Consortium Berlin showed an attitude of inner conviction that was immediately transferred to the listener …